Conservation and Restoration of Fine Furniture and Objects
Good Things Come In Small Packages:
The Restoration of a Historic Dollhouse
Historic Dollhouse after restoration

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Passed from generation to generation, dollhouses contain memories of childhood within tiny walls. This restoration project of the Victorian-style heirloom dollhouse. involved re-fabrication and replacement of architectural elements, cleaning, and even custom fabrication for miniature furniture. The client was impressed enough to provide insight into the house’s past and future:

What is the importance of the house to you?
My grandmother loved antiques and had a wonderful sense of style and design. She believed in living well, keeping a beautiful home, and enjoying wonderful home cooked meals. I remember her way of life when I see the house.

What memories are associated with the house?
My brother kept a 2 ft. long pet garter snake as a child. He once reported it missing from its cage. Finally, he located it curled up in the stairwell of the dollhouse!

Is the dollhouse currently displayed?
The house is now in my living room next to my desk. I have returned the original furniture to the house now that Bernacki & Associates has restored it so beautifully. It is waiting for my grandchildren to enjoy and I am really thrilled to have the dollhouse in good condition as an art piece in my home.

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