Conservation and Restoration of Fine Furniture and Objects
Structural Repair
Structuraly damaged Eastlake chair
When Bernacki & Associates removed an upholstery cover on this Eastlake chair, it revealed an underlying structural damage caused by prior, multiple attempts at upholstering the chair.

Reinforcing and stabilizing a table leaf along an expansion crack
A table leaf marred by an expansion crack is reinforced and stabilized for strengt

Restored missing pieces of a sculpture
Missing pieces of a sculpture are seamlessly restored and integrated

Damaged base of a figurine before consolidation
Base of a figurine during consolidation
Detailed view of a once-damaged figurine base, before and during consolidation by Bernacki & Associates

The ultimate purpose of consolidation is to impart strength to the structure of the object so that it can bear its own weight, permit essential conservation processes and ensure it is fit for its purpose, whether that is display or intended function. In case of wood worm infestation, often the surrounding wood may be too weak to support the substrate itself, and penetrating materials have to be used in order to bring the object to solid state.

Wood Carving

Our conservators are highly skilled woodcarvers, who can reproduce any carved structure, from missing elements to the reproduction of entire pieces.