Conservation and Restoration of Fine Furniture and Objects
Object Conservation
Historic clock after restoration
Bernacki & Associates works with proven experts in specialty areas like clock mechanics or mercury vessels. This results in the highest quality of care. Examples below.

Object conservation is unique from other services. The term “object” can imply a Wurlitzer juke box, an antique baby carriage, or a dollhouse-sized sofa. Because object conservation encompasses such an array of items, knowledge of vast materials is also essential. The conservators at Bernacki & Associates are expertly trained at treating wood, glass, synthetics, crystal, metal, ceramic, minerals, stone, shell, bone, and many others. Each object’s history also determines customized care, whether primitive artwork, ethnographic artifact or classical masterpiece.

Many of the furniture restoration or conservation techniques can also be applied to objects. However, the greatest challenge in object conservation is also one of the most common. Materials are individualistic. Not only do they vary in durability, they react differently to environmental elements like temperature or humidity fluctuations. Each object must be considered both as a whole and as sum of its parts. Prior objects conserved at Bernacki & Associates have included:

  • Wood and gold leaf frames
  • Malachite table top
  • Clocks and their wooden cases
  • Barometers (wood, metal, glass, mercury)
  • Sculpture (all types of material)
  • Candelabras (wood, metal, bone)

Historic cash register
Historic barometer
Doll baby carriage before restoration
Anglo Indian Sewing Box
Knife box
Writing box with tooled leather top
Jewelry box restored at Bernacki & Associates
Brandy box
Tea box
Tortoiseshell tea cady
Brandy box
Brandy box
Small tortoiseshell box - detail
Wood carved elephant sculpture
Horse scull sculpture
African head dress
African object
Historic clock