Conservation and Restoration of Fine Furniture and Objects
Regency Style Marquetry Table
Regency Style Marquetry Table with Serpentine Walnut Top
Table after conservation by Bernacki & Associates

Regency Style Marquetry Table with Serpenine Walnut Top; detail after restoration
Detailed image of table design, post-conservation

Marquetry table - detail before conservation
Detail before conservation with visible areas of lifting marquetry

Marquetry table during treatment
Lifting veneer is carefully stabilized by hand

Applying French polish
The first layer of French polish is applied to the restored table surface. Soon, shellac will immediately highlight marquetry patterns and wood grain

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Regency Style Marquetry Table with Serpentine Walnut Top


This impressive piece of furniture arrived with a number of issues. Most obvious, an expansion crack at its serpentine top ran through veneer, substrate, and carved apron. Further, areas of marquetry veneer, as well as inlaid banding, had released and were now lifting from their substrate.


The large expansion crack was Bernacki & Associate’s first priority and was in-filled with materials matching the table’s original composition. Lifting and releasing marquetry work was consolidated and re-attached. New materials and repairs received matching patina and, with a covering of French polish and shellac, the table was returned to its intended grandeur.

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