Conservation and Restoration of Fine Furniture and Objects
19th Century Vienna Gilt Wood Table
Vienna 19th Century Gilt Wood Table
Table after restoration by Bernacki & Associates

Vienna 19th Century Gilt Wood Table - detail after the removal of secendary materials used during the previous restoration attempts
Vienna 19th Century Gilt Wood Table - during gilding
Viena gilt wood table - detail during gilding
Table as seen throughout different stages of the conservation and restoration process, on its way to completion

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Despite its intrinsic beauty and structural soundness, the near entirety of this table suffered from delaminating gesso and gilding. Like many antiques, attempts at prior restoration compounded the situation. Sections of detached carving had been re-glued out of alignment and almost all gilding had been repaired with low-quality, ineffective bronzing powder.


With some effort, Bernacki & Associates were able to correct both inherent issues and prior, failed restoration attempts. Gesso and gilding were re-attached and exposed areas infilled. A thorough cleaning not only removed oils and dirt, but the problematic bronze “gilding.” Application of a new, superior gilding matched existing color, karat, and sheen. In a final preventative measure, existing gilding was coated for further protection – detectable under ultraviolet light – to ensure a long life for this fascinating piece. 

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